Hello. I am Ishibashi.

I blog about maid cafes in Japan.

This page describes the maid cafe in Akihabara that can speak English.

@ home cafe


The best recommendation is @ home cafe

This is the most famous maid cafe in Japan.

There are many foreign visitors.

Maid is used to dealing with foreigners.

The shop is teaching English to maids.

The site supports English.

You can switch to English at the bottom of the menu.

Cafe Mailish


  • A maid cafe that appeared in a game called STEINS; GATE
  • For that reason, foreign customers come
  • There is an English menu
  • Complex English is not transmitted to maids, but they can understand simple English.
  • The maid does not dance or cast magic.

Akiba Absolute Area


Foreign tourists often go

Maid dances and magically

Site is in English

There is a maid cafe exclusively for foreigners

Sugoi ★ Kawaii


There is a multinational maid


Beware of maids calling on the street.

Possibly low quality stores or stores that charge a lot.

There is no problem with Maidrimin and Panafia.

It is better to decide the store you want to go to in advance.


Don’t expect the taste of food at most maid cafes

Although the price is high, it is often frozen food.

Maid cafe with delicious food

better go to the store you want to go to

Akihabara is a tourist destination.

There are many foreigners.

Therefore, all maid cafes are used to foreigners.

If you want to go to a shop other than the maid cafe above, don’t worry.

Enjoy the maid cafe!